Ken Hibbert Picture 123

The best way to predict your future is to create it!

Ken Hibbert is a man of integrity who strives hard to go above and beyond to bring out the greatness inside of people. As a motivational speaker for ten years, Ken has been a guest speaker at corporate events, and youth events both locally and nationally. He also equips people with the necessary knowledge of how to manage finances, how to start a productive business with a strategic plan, and how to become successful in life. There is no limits to how far he will go to motivate and inspire you. Ken Hibbert was born and raised in Miami FL, and from a young age he has always been passionate about motivating people so they can win in every area of their lives. He has this strong belief that the more you strive with an aim the more you will reach your goal. He doesn’t just look for the best inside of people. But he also brings out that extraordinary person that lives in everyone.